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he claims he wrote it. why anthony weiner should have waited before patting himself on the back with both hands. "fox & friends" starts now. >> howdy, folks. >> we have a huge show coming up if you can keep your eyes off brian's bright outfit. steve, you got to get yourself the three piece suit and the pink shirt. >> very handsome. >> you know what? it seems like you're wearing a bright dress, am i right? >> we didn't plan it. glenn beck will be here. jane kurkowski. >> look, laura ingraham is wearing the pink, too. i didn't get the memo. we'll talk a little bit about tony blair who has been referred to as president bush's poodle. we'll probably ask him about that. he didn't like it and will arnett, the big movie star and "saturday night live" star will be here along with a very famous father-daughter team. >> they'll join us towards the
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end of the show. in the meantime, we start with the fox news alert because a deadly helicopter crash overnight leaving nine servicemen dead. it's unclear if any of the dead are americans. according to nato, four others were hurt including an american civilian. the crash happened in a province that's a taliban strong hold. the f.b.i. on its way to fort bliss, texas now where a gunman shot two women at a convenience store. the women believed to be clerks are being treated at a local hospital. military police shot the gunman dead. we don't know the identity of the shooter just yet. congress delaying a vote now on a bill to give $7.4 billion to first responders who got sick after the attacks of september 11th. a vote was expected this week but republicans objected to senator harry reid's addition of two amendments including the dream act that provides amnesty to illegal immigrants.
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those are your headlines. amnesty not to all illegal immigrants but to students who go to college or those who enter the military and here for five years. >> i believe senator hatch came up with the idea at first. the white house with his economic plan, hinting for a switch in leadership? >> let's check out kelly wright. >> hopefully he wants to talk about this. >> yeah, i do. it's not unusual to hear about possible changes within a president's administration particularly during midterm elections when they come up and afterwards. that being said, there's a host of possibilities available now for the president but the main thing is what is he going to do about the economy during monday's cnbc town hall at the museum in washington, president obama listened and responded to deep concerns expressed by a cross section of americans from wall street to main street, some wondered if the american dream was still achievable in today's economy. the president even asked if he was considering shakeing up his
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economic team. tim geitner and larry summers have been at the helm of dealing with the economy since president obama took office. >> i have not made any determination about personnel. i think larry summers and tim geitner have done an outstanding job. as have my whole economic team. this is tough, the work that they too. they've been at it for two years and, you know, they're gonna have a whole range of decisions about family that will factor into this as well. >> well, a decision may go well beyond family matters. what matters most right now for the white house is to do something about the amount of spending and the economy which is a major concern to a lot of americans. the president even acknowledging that. the recession may have officially ended, guys, but there's still a real perception out there and indeed a reality that things are still very tough. back to you. >> thank you very much, kelly wright. it was kind of tough yesterday
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when the president was going to have his town hall meeting yesterday, there was a dress code and for the most part, everyone there was president obama's supporters. in the end, they had some legitimate concerns. it wasn't the vociferous town halls that we saw last summer but i'll tell you what, some pointed questions at the museum in washington, d.c. >> absolutely. and in fact, there were questions about the economy and stuff like that and the tea party did come up. and the president of the united states made it very clear that in his estimation that the tea party is making a mistake on who they are saying are the culprits in washington because it's not him. it's not the democrats. it's the republicans. >> listen. >> the problem that i've seen in the debate that's been taking place and in some of these tea party events is i think they're misidentifying sort of who the culprits are here. we had two tax cuts that weren't paid for. two wars that weren't paid for. we've got a population that's
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getting older. it's -- we're all demanding services. but our taxes have actually substantially gone down. i think it's important for you to say i'm willing to cut veterans benefits or i'm willing to cut medicare or social security benefits. or i'm willing to see these taxes go up. >> so a couple of thoughts when you hear that. first of all, the taxes, the reason the taxes went down over the last decade is because bush put those into effect. those are called the bush tax cuts and the spending, let's just take the president's comments on their face. let's just say yeah, we did pay for two wars. yeah, we did pay for some of that other stuff. then if you come in as president, why would you add to the spending? then we added health care and a bunch of other stuff to that. you're being disingenuous as saying the spending came from bush in the past eight years if you don't talk about your spending. >> they went through the supplemental budget and they had the budget on line and go
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through supplemental and at which time -- >> the cookies are done. >> the tollhouse cookies, yeah. >> we're talking money. tollhouse. >> absolutely. good. when you talk about the president doing that, at which time when they put the budget in for the war, that's when everybody throws in their pork barrel projects. you get the talking points. i'm one of the party. i agee with them. we find it a noble thing that the tea party is out there. let's get this straight. if you want to be a tea partyier, you'll cut veterans benefits and cut unemployment benefits and cut social security and medicare. >> he wanted specifics. what do you want to cut? one woman didn't want to see anymore cuts. this gal's name is velma hart, the mother of two, c.f.o. of
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amvets, she's a vet. she had a very pointed question for president obama. she said she voted for him and this is not the hope and change her reality that she wanted. listen to this. it's heartbreaking. >> i'm one of your middle class americans and quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you. defending your administration. defending the mantle of change that i voted for. >> and at the end she said she wasn't completely satisfied with his answer, according to "the new york post." she wanted to know is this my new reality and he never answered that. >> you know, i don't understand the whole misunderstanding here about the tea party. how can you say that you want them to be clear on what they want? they've been screaming for the last year on spending. the number one thing that they were upset about, which started this whole thing was the outrageous spending of health care according to them. they thought it was outrageous so i don't know how you can sit there and say you don't know why the tea party is upset. speaking of health care, our
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congressman anthony weiner, democrat from new york is claiming in a situation last night, a meeting, that he actually wrote the health care bill. i found that interesting. one thing he was in favor of was the single payer system that didn't end up in the final version. >> we don't have the -- >> here's what he said at a town hall last night. he said "i wrote bill. i am on the committee that had to mark up, 75 hours of markups. yes, we went page by page. some of the elements added to the senate bill, doesn't mean i don't know as well as the house bill. i read the bill, wrote the bill. bill and i are one." perhaps that's not so wise considering a brand new rasmussen poll that's out less than two months before the re-election for every member of congress and that is a stunning 61% of americans want the health care bill in some form repealed. >> 61%. >> and you look at what blanche
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lincoln is going through now in arkansas. it is staggering her poll numbers. did you see these? she is losing by 27 points right now to retain her seat and she was one of the advocates for the health care bill. that's why people who are running right now in the house and the senate are saying please don't bring it up. they changed the subject when you start talking about it and bill clinton was very honest on sunday. he predicted if you pass it like he wanted to do in the 1990's that america would rally around it. since that time, the numbers have dropped so why is that? he claims it's because most of the good stuff doesn't happen for a couple of years. >> do you think -- i always like the inside story and the mystery. do you think that he talked more favorably about that in the town hall meeting, president clinton said he understood why maybe people across the country were upset and this same thing happened in the past and you have president obama coming out
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yesterday and saying that he, you know, he disagreed with the tea party but good thing for our society to have discussion. i thought that was interesting. >> if you look at other polls, polls whether they talk about whether or not you identify with the tea party, do you understand what they're talking about, a lot of people on the right obviously do because they're more aligned fiscally with it but somewhere more in the middle, the independents and the basic majority of americans who are independent say i believe that what they're fighting for is right. >> all right. 10 minutes after the hour. straight ahead, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad challenging the u.s. to accept his country as a major player and he's going to do it right here in new york city as he addresses the united nations. carolyn gusoff joins us live outside the u.n. with the latest. carolyn, countdown to madness. >> you could say that. certainly the madness has already started in new york city in terms of traffic and security detail. but today, the focus here is the united nations is going to be
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world poverty. and the focus outside from protesters will be, of course, the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. the protests today will feature the new york board of rabbis, they'll be outside the u.n. while ahmadinejad is speaking. yesterday, there were protests involving wide array of politicians. all blasting the iranian president and the regime for their stance on human rights, for history of human rights violations and the torture of dissidents and today, ahmadinejad will be featured as a speaker for this world summit on poverty. the united nations had set a goal 10 years ago of having poverty by 2015. well, they've certainly fallen short from that goal. there are about a billion people worldwide who are living well under the poverty line. he'll be speaking, creditics sa
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he should not be given this platform and he'll be addressing the general assembly on thursday. we're expecting lots of protests, especially today as he addresses the poverty summit and once again on thursday as he addresses the general assembly the same day, by the way, that president obama will be speaking here as well. that's the latest from outside the united nations. back now to you. >> all right. thank you very much, caroline. and president obama should be talking about poverty as well because the numbers are out and this country has seen more poverty now than we've seen in decades. >> still better than 99% of the world. by the way -- >> absolutely. >> if we're going to engage our enemies, shouldn't ahmadinejad talk today? >> they could share a cab. >> when i heard this report came out yesterday, i was stunned. economists say this, the great recession is officially over. it is? try to tell us to the millions of unemployed americans. their problems are about to get
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a whole lot worse. >> the judge orders cops to arrest lindsay lohan but not yet. why she's still a free woman today but might not be on friday. >> you like that shot. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it.
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>> well, the recession is over. like i said, i almost fell out of the car when i heard this on the radio yesterday. sound too good to be true? national bureau of economic research says it ended way back when, june of 2009. >> you should get doors on your seat. why is unemployment still hovering around 10%? we're joined by the former c.t.o. for the u.s. intelligence community, dr. eric hazelton, the author of the book "long fuse, big bang." if we're out of a recession, why don't we feel it? >> well, the reason we don't feel it is there's some fundamental malaise in our
6:17 am
economy that's enduring. as a technologyist, particularly one that's looked at the technology of foreign adversaries i've found a deep long term trend that's undermining our economy. for example, the world economic forum just released statistics earlier this month in which we slid from number 2 in competitiveness to number 4. and the reason really has to do with the fact that our economy is not investing in growing in high return areas such as high-tech. >> so you say that what drives the economy is growth. what drives growth is innovation and what drives innovation is science and technology. so why are we slipping? >> well, i think that there are three reasons. the first has to do with the population in general and how our attitudes have changed in science and technology. in 1957, i remember when sputnik came over, it really scared us. it scared us into reinventing science and technology after world war ii.
6:18 am
we started darpa, we put a man on the moon. we are now undergoing what the harvard business professor at business school says is a silent sputnik. that companies -- countries like china, india and others are starting to pass us in what really matters for national security which is the strength of the economy. and we just don't see it because it's happening slowly. we're like the frog boiling in water. >> you hear president obama come out to his credit and say we have to reinvest in science. what would you like to see to back up those words? >> well, i think that we tend to look to government for all the solutions but really, the problem lives in all of us. for example, kids today are not choosing to go into science and technology. there is about 1/5 the number of kids choosing to go into science, technology, engineering and math as there were when i was a kid because it's perceived to be too hard and it's also perceived to be kind of nerdy and you can make money doing other things much faster such as becoming a lawyer or going into
6:19 am
business. and so somehow, we've got to make science and technology cool again. one of the things that the president could do is give greater recognition to scientists and technologyists. for example, he has the winners of the super bowl when the world series and it's a big television event. how many times do you see the president in such a public event giving recognition to scientist? >> all right. very interesting details. dr. eric has he willton, thanks for getting up and sharing that with us. >> it started in 2007 and ended in july of 200 t9. >> shock discovery, denver broncos player found dead in his apartment. >> group of veterans fighting to keep their war memorial standing but the white house and department of justice refuse to lend a hand much what's up with that? [ female announcer ] staynce...
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>> denver broncos wide receiver ken mckinley found dead in colorado from an apparent suicide. he was drafted last year out of south carolina in the fifth round. police say it looked like he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and then the national guard says it's sorry for accidentally sparking this raging wildfire in utah. you have embers from ammunition during training, it sparked the fires. flames burned thousands of acres and destroyed three homes. steve, gretch? >> thanks, brian. that controversial case out west involving the mojave desert cross honoring veterans has been at a stand still since they sent it back to a lower california courtroom. that's about to change. >> california's veterans of foreign wars will file a motion today to intervene in order to
6:24 am
get the cross restored after it was stolen and joining us now to explain is kelly shackleford, president and c.e.o. of the liberty institute that is representing the v.f.w. in court. good to see you again, kelly. >> good to see you, gretchen. >> bring us up to speed. supreme court said the cross can stay and remanded it back down to a lower court. that's still in motion. but what are you going to do today on behalf of the veterans? >> well, obviously, you know, this disgrace -- this is a disgrace. it's an attack on the memorial and the veterans haven't been allowed to be in the case. yet, an act of congress gave them the land and their memorial back to them and they have a right to speak for themselves and the obama administration and the aclu certainly don't speak for the veterans. they want to make sure their interests are represented. you want to make sure you're in the case and make sure you're speaking for yourself. >> absolutely. in the meantime, we're looking at a picture of the cross on that -- on the mountain in california. and that's when the cross
6:25 am
actually was there. after the supreme court sent it back to a lower court in california, somebody went out there in the middle of the night and took it. now, one of the things you would like to do while this court case is ongoing is replace it. and you've asked the department of justice and the white house for help and you haven't heard anything back. why is that? >> well, they've actually refused to put the memorial back up. we actually now have a letter on behalf of the veterans and any americans that want to sign on to the president asking the president to please overrule this. this is ridiculous that we have a veterans memorial, a national memorial that's sitting in a, you know, damaged state and we're not repairing it. we're not putting it back up. we think that's disgraceful, it's totally unacceptable and we have a couple of wise people, if they want to go on line, they can go on to put the cross back and sign a letter for the president and supported the veterans in the case but i think it's totally unacceptable that the veterans are having to stand
6:26 am
alone on this. >> he's the commander in chief. you would think he would be on their side. >> absolutely. absolutely. something needs to be done about this immediately. which is why we're intervening. >> you think one of the reasons that you've had radio silence from the feds and from the obama administration is because they don't want to incite the aclu potentially? >> i think there's no doubt. their attorneys at the justice department think it's a cute legal strategy to not have a memorial in the form of the cross that's sitting there as they go back into court but, you know, the state was the memorial was there when we were at the u.s. supreme court and the supreme court ruled in our favor. so the idea of sort of letting it be damaged and destroyed by vandals and not putting it back up, there's no need for that. the supreme court was with us. and we need to stand this thing all the way through and get that memorial back up. >> by the way, does anyone know what happened to the cross? i remember discussing this story back with you months ago when it happened that it would taken a
6:27 am
lot of people to bring this thing down. it wasn't one person. >> no, it was probably a number of people. we, unfortunately, think it's probably been destroyed. the good news is the caretaker of the memorial has created an exact replica. it's ready to go back up. it would take very little time to get it erected back up. but we're just being not -- we're being frustrated and not allowed to do so by the obama administration. >> all right. kelly shackleford joining us today from dallas that is to say and the liberty institute. thank you very much, sir. have a great day in court. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> smear campaigns against tea party candidates like christine o'donnell work or just disenfranchise voters from politics as usual? next, what listeners across the country are saying in what we call our radio rumble. >> then a new bill hits the u.s. floor today that would give young illegal aliens amnesty. is that fair? three of those illegals here live to defend their case. >> plus, this is no ordinary runway. in fact, it's a highway. and yep, that's a plane on it.
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>> al-qaida's number two man has released yet another tape where he criticizes the entire pakistan government, calls them incompetent and corrupt and demands they be thrown out of office so sounds like we have a tea party over there, too. sounds like a worldwide movement. >> the tea party has gone international. in fact, there's a story out yesterday that talked about how the tea party now is catching on in places like italy and australia and portions of the european union as well. >> there might be some chaos with the italian election? >> that's right. >> so unusual. in the political process. >> just what they need. >> couple of other headlines for you this morning. lebanese man arrested for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack at the wrigley field. according to the f.b.i., he placed what he thought was a bomb in a trash can across the street. undercover agents provided the fake explosives. investigators say he also talked about killing mayor richard daley and then poisoning lake michigan. he had a lot to do. brian? >> all right. you won't see her face on wanted posters around beverly hills. a judge put out warrant for
6:33 am
lindsay lohan's arrest on hold. instead, she can remain free until a court hearing this friday. the warrant was issued after she failed a drug test. lohan recently spent two weeks in jail, as you know, and could back for another 30 days. >> she tested positive for coke. >> and admitted it on her twitter. >> she did indeed. meanwhile, the tea party has some big money to throw around. the tea party patriots coalition of about 2800 local groups is announcing this morning they just scored a major seven figure contribution from an undisclosed donor. something between 1 and $9 million. the tea party thanks candidates like delaware's christine o'donnell for energizing supporters across the country. gretch? >> he was killed in action on a top secret mission during the vietnam war. today, 43 years later, air force chief master sergeant richard etchburger will finally be awarded a medal of honor post death. he was undercover for the government when he rescued some of his fellow servicemen in
6:34 am
laos. now that his case has been declassified, president obama will present the military's highest honor to this hero. >> this guy has quite a story. guy with sports. >> probably didn't stay up late enough to watch "monday night football." we taped it. san francisco hosting the world champion saints. retiring jerry rice's number. big halftime ceremony. he was good. this would go down to the wire, though, when they actually played football. late fourth, niners down eight. able to find the end zone. seven yard run and would get the two point conversion on a replay. with time running out in o.t., a 37-year-old field goal. 35-22 was the final. cubs outfielder tyler colvin remains in the hospital after having his chest punctured by a shattered bat. my goodness, that happened in the game against the marlins on sunday. rookie being treated with a chest tube to prevent his lung
6:35 am
from collapsing. dramatic things at yankee stadium last night. they hnored the late george steinbrenner. manager joe torre along with great don mattingly. yogi berra was on the outs for about 10 years and he was back. the steinbrenner monument will be placed behind the center field wall and the yankees in a battle for first place beat the tampa rays 8-6. curtis granderson with two homers. coming up later on, some exciting guests. you can go to kilmeade and among our guests will be the great gretchen carlson who i haven't met yet but seems very nice. >> dresses just like you. >> in a female way. >> i don't know what that means. >> i don't either. >> here's a female name to get used to for the next week or so. that's lisa. this is kind of hard to pick up. see the blob of clouds to the far right of the screen if you're watching in wide screen.
6:36 am
that is -- it had been tropical depression lisa. now it has been upgraded to a storm. lisa is out there. maximum sustained winds, 40 miles per hour. it is heading our way at 5 miles per hour to the north. meanwhile, take a look at these pictures, waves from former hurricane igor are being blamed for a drowning death in north carolina. 21-year-old curt murray died while surfing yesterday on the beach town of surf city. in north carolina. friends say he was an experienced surfer. this as officials in bermuda continue to assess the damage you see here. igor now weakening as it heads northward toward newfoundland. that's a look at the news, weather and sports and now it's time for the radio rumble! > >> i wait for the rumble to land and i'll talk. there's even reports the white house was considering launching an attack ad campaign aimed at
6:37 am
them even though the white house says that's not true. i deny it 100%. it's true the dems are out to take out the tea party in some respect. is this a mistake or cost them in november? radio rumble here to rumble, to give us the nation's pulse. we're joined right now by orlando radio talk show host mark brenier and atlanta based talk show host and troy based radio talk show host nancy skinner. first to you, let's start with you, mike. what are they saying -- excuse me, mark. what are they saying in orlando about, for example, the tea party? were you shocked to hear the president yesterday say, you know what? i embrace a lot of the tea party principles. called it a noble effort. >> yeah. he doesn't have any choice right now. he's getting hammered! people are leaving both parties. they're hardly defecting to each other's interests. the president has to at least acknowledge they're out there. this is a wake-up call. yesterday's press conference, this town hall he did was nothing more than trying to
6:38 am
answer the critics. he's slipping. now going back to church and he has to do whatever he can to get the base back. if he tries to ignore the tea party movement any further, he puts himself further behind the eight ball. >> it was so interesting because colin powell and bill clinton and barack obama all with the same talking points. tea party, great effort. tell me exactly what you would do. >> well, and what has to happen and what our folks are talking about, they don't think it's very genuine that they're all talking about the tea party now. but let's be honest here, these are regular folks. a lot of independents. we know who decides elections. it's not republicans and democrats. it's independents and the tea party has roughly 40%, 45% independents in it. that's what people are talking about. my folks are fed up with both parties. but they are leaning conservative and that's what they're talking about. >> nancy, do you agree that many of the tea partiers are independents? i think they're mostly conservatives. >> yeah. that's what the polling has shown. that they are mostly republicans
6:39 am
but i think what the president said yesterday is they were formed because they were angry about deficit spending so he's pointing them to policies. look, if you're angry about the deficits getting out of control, how can the republicans on the other hand who now support keeping the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% that will cost $700 billion. how can you mix that? how can the tea party people accept that the same bush spending and tax cut policies that got us into this deficit mess that they're going to support that. there's a schism between the tea party and the republicans, the country club republicans, wall street republicans who -- >> let's see. it doesn't seem that -- it doesn't in many ways seem to be happening although karl rove did come out and say he was skeptical about a few of the candidates. let's go back to you and talk about the muslim summit that took place at j.f.k. airport in a hotel right there starting sunday and going to monday and yesterday, they were in front of the ground zero mosque. where are we heading now for
6:40 am
muslim-american relations. >> i'll tell you, they're tone deaf and they're not getting it. they think it's rhetoric or people are fearful of muslims or have problem with the faith. it's about location. it's about location, location, location. i feel like a real estate agent. they don't get it. they think if they talk long enough and loud enough about it, people will back off and see this is supposed to be religious intolerance. please. if anybody is intolerant, it's this group of people who don't -- they're tone deaf to the sensitivity to the people that lost their family members in this place. >> you agree, martha? >> well, they continue to make the same mistake of just talking to each other. maybe if they had had a meeting where they talked to christian and jewish leaders along with muslim leaders about this, they might make some progress. they just haven't handled this particular situation the right way and they have been tone deaf to the sensitivity of that particular area. nobody denies the fact. there is no place that muslims can practice their faith more openly than in the united states of america.
6:41 am
just not in that spot. >> nancy? >> that's what the islamic center was all about. to build bridges, to have these conversations and the response was what? guess what? we're going to burn your quran and that has galvanized them to say we are now under attack. this is why we've got to stop this. them vs. us. it was the extremists that attacked us on 9/11. not all muslims. you shouldn't say hey, we're going to -- >> totally inaccurate to say -- >> no muslim zone in america. >> people who showed up to say ground zero not the right place are not the ones that burned the quran. >> muslim-free zone, is that what you're saying? we should have a muslim-free zone in america, is that what you're saying? >> it's not a muslim-free zone. there are 100 mosques in manhattan. there is not a muslim-free zone. >> there's one four blocks away. thanks to all of you. we debate, the summit goes on. meanwhile, as we move ahead, hope your pulse was taken. straight ahead now, should the government be allowed to take
6:42 am
something that's yours if it's for the greater good of our nation? that's what's happening. but that's not what the constitution demands. judge andrew napolitano next. he memorized the constitution. i think he read the original. and he's on trial now for murdering his wife. now, new details on the man who claims caffeine is to blame. ♪
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> this is not something you see every day. check it out, a small plane makes an emergency landing on a busy highway at rush hour. it happened on interstate 85 in northeast atlanta. the plane apparently had engine failure. luckily nobody was hurt. a kentucky man claimed heavy doses of caffeine made him strangle his wife. his lawyer is trying to get that confession thrown out claiming that woody smith was actually sleep deprived and on heavy doses of xanax when cops questioned him.
6:46 am
the trial continues today. steve? >> thanks, gretch. president obama still refuses to budge on extending the bush era tax cuts for the most successful people in america and small business owners as well. >> it is an irresponsible thing for us to do. i can't give tax cuts to the top 2% of americans. >> why not? that's what our next guest wants to know. and in fact, judge andrew napolitano joins us live. >> good morning, steve. >> let's talk a little bit about, you know, you got an interesting theory, you know, you feel that what is going on with the federal government when they take taxes from the most successful 1% or 2% of americans, essentially that is and regarding all americans as well with federal income tax, it's theft. >> it is a form of theft. i mean, it presumes that the government decides how much of what we own and what we earn we'll be permitted to keep. did you hear the words of the president? i can't give the wealthiest 2% or 3% a tax cut.
6:47 am
we start with the presumption that what we earn is ours. >> right. >> so the president should say i want to take money from them. not i can't give them a tax cut. his mindset and that of most people in his party and a few republicans but not too many is that the government can take whatever it wants from us and allow us to keep what we think it should have. that turns the presumption of property ownership that's protected by the constitution on its head. so who owns our income? us or the government? it allows 47% of people to keep their wealth. it takes whatever it wants from the other 53% including from the most productive among us. >> uh-huh. so essentially what the federal government is robin hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor. >> if somebody shows up at your door and the guy has a gun and he says give me your money. i want to give it away. what is this person, crazy? i'm going to call the police. wouldn't you find out? he is the police. he's the tax collector so if you wouldn't let this crackpot take
6:48 am
your money and give it away and wouldn't let your neighbors take your money and give it away, why do we let the government take our money and give it away? >> you just hit on the most important point in my mind and that's why do we let the government? the government is us. they get all their power from the people that put them there. yet, we don't want the wild spending and don't want the high taxes and yet we have high taxes and wild spending. >> it's in the government's interest to keep this 47% of those who don't pay federal income taxes as large a group and as happy as it can because those people will vote to take money from everybody else. there are democrats in this country and it's most of them who simply want to punish the successful and the productive. and the president is their voice right now. >> he is indeed. all right. you are the voice of many people who are opposed to that. it belongs to judge andrew napolitano. watch his program "freedom watch" saturdays and sundays on the wildly successful fox business network. >> thank you, steve.
6:49 am
>> judge, thank you very much. >> straight ahead, they are some of america's brightest minds and bravest soldiers but they're here illegally. should they be allowed to stay? some of those illegal young men and women join us next. then the video is absolutely shocking. hundreds of fans sent flying, oh my goodness, the bleachers collapse. i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. ya. uhhuh. mhhmm. oh i know. that was cute. right. honey eat. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni and cheese. you know you love it. we need directions to go to... pearblossom highway? it's just outside of lancaster. sure, i can download directions for you now.
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6:52 am
>> senate action could happen today regarding what's being called the dream act. it would give illegal immigrants who come to the u.s. as children an opportunity for citizenship. critics contend that the dream act is nothing short of amnesty. in a statement released yesterday, alabama senator jeff sessions said this. its provisions would provide a
6:53 am
pathway to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and give illegal residents discounted in state tuition for college as americans living in other states are required to pay dramatically more. they all three disagree. they are undocumented young adults in favor of the dream act. and they join me this morning. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> felipe, let me start with you. you are a college student, very bright one at that but you are in this country illegally, correct? >> correct. i came when i was 14 years old because my mother got very sick back in brazil and decided to send me over to live with family members but since then, i ended up becoming the best student in the whole state of florida when i graduated from miami dade college and just because i don't have legal status, i'm not allowed to become a teacher which is my dream. >> you have a similar story,
6:54 am
you are an illegal immigrant living in florida and also a bright student. >> that is correct. and not only that, but i have three degrees. i graduated from high school and my degrees are actually in special education and i want to work with autistic children and i think that it's not that i am illegal or undocumented, it's just the situation and the laws in country have not properly been able to allow me to be able to get residency and be able to contribute and give back to the community i love. >> when you say that, gabby, what have you done? many of our viewers will say we understand this. they've worked hard. they've done well in college. but what have you done to try to become a legal citizen? >> well, i've gone to many, many, many lawyers and i've tried to talk to them. and there's no options for me. a student like myself that came when i was 7 years old, graduated from high school and at age 18 when i became an adult, there was no pathway tore citizenship or residency for that matter. and that's why we are lobbying and we are educating our
6:55 am
legislators on the dream act because the dream act is the only pathway that we are able to see as a path that in six years, i will be able to become a resident. >> elena, you want to serve in the marines. and part of the dream act would basically give amnesty to kids who go to college or who want to serve in the military. what is it about this country that makes you want to serve it even though you aren't legal in it? >> as a republican with 100% conservative republican values, i -- i would more than anything get back to the country that has served me all these years. i came to this country as young kid. i was 9 years old. i fell in love with it. the way i saw it. i don't want to change it. i want to be a part of it as it is. and of course, there are things that can be changed. i can't do anything to help my country unless i am given the opportunity to do it. >> felipe, one of the criticisms
6:56 am
that many people don't agree with on this whole dream act situation is they feel there are already american citizens waiting in line for that in-state tuition and that you might get the place of that person who is here legally. how do you respond to that? >> well, the dream act has a provision that would allow states to decide whether they will give in state tuition to undocumented immigrants. it does not require for states to do so. so then you will become a decision for each state. so therefore, you know, the argument doesn't really work. >> right. >> felipe, gabby, elena, thanks for sharing your stories with us today. >> no, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, unbelievable video. hundreds of fans sent tumbling on top of each other when a bleacher suddenly collapses. story at the top of the hour. president obama says the tea party doesn't have a single idea to make america better. glenn beck has an idea or two. believe me, he has more than that. and he's here live with us just around the corner. [ male announcer ] you can dream of making travel
6:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. check the calendars, it's tuesday, september 21, 2010. thanks for sharing your time with us today. the attack on the tea party has reached the white house now. >> the challenge, i think, for the tea party movement is to identify specifically what would you do? >> well, mr. president, they say they have. haven't you hear the cries to stop spending? well, glenn beck helps to clear it all up for us moments away. >> yeah, he's pacing to my left. take my word for it. muslims across the country have converged on manhattan to promote the mosque near ground zero and some are just joining the fight! meet one who says he had no choice but to stand up for islam. >> then look at these images, fans sent flying when the bleachers collapsed.
7:01 am
holy cow. the incredible video and what went wrong moments away. "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starting right now. >> ♪ i'm gonna soak up the sun gonna tell everyone ♪ sno>> check out the guest list that we have today. >> it sounds like we booked the whole week in one day. >> it's fantastic. glenn beck will be joining us screen left. jane from "30 rock" and laura ingraham at the top of the next hour. >> tony blair will be joining us. i've been reading his book in the hopes he joined us and sure enough, he'll be here. will arnett is here. his wife -- he's funny but his wife is funny. he married amy pohler. does he know how funny his wife is? i'll ask him that question. stick around with us. big guest list. we have to start with the fox news alert. deadly helicopter crash overnight in afghanistan leaves nine servicemen dead. it's unclear if any of those dead are americans. according to nato, four others
7:02 am
were hurt including an american civilian. the crash happened in the province that's a taliban strong hold. there were no reports of enemy fire at the time. a controversial speech expected today from iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. remember earlier this week when he told reporters "the future belongs to iran." both today and thursday, he's expected to continue that tough talk. ahmadinejad also claiming credit for the recent release of one of those three u.s. hikers arrested in iran more than a year ago. ahmadinejad also claims that his government has little interest in obtaining an atomic bomb. well, change could be coming in north korea as early as next week. that's when the communist party holds its first congress in 30 years. experts expect that the ailing leader kim jong-il will use the occasion to formally announce his son as his successor. the 68-year-old kim has been in poor health since suffering a stroke in 2008.
7:03 am
check out the horrifying sight. this happened in brazil. hundreds of people are watching a car race when suddenly the bleachers collapse from underneath them. more than 100 people taken to the hospital. 22 of them in critical condition. wow. it's not known yet what caused the bleachers to give out. >> and those are your headlines for tuesday. >> glenn beck is joining us as he does every week. good morning to you, sir. >> i am such a huge fan of will arnett. i hate to say that. >> he's got a new show on fox. >> does he really? >> he's great. >> he probably hates my guts. >> you want me to say glenn beck says hi? >> feel it out first. >> let's feel out how the president feels about the tea party, right? so yesterday, at the noon hour in washington, d.c., at the museum, he has this town hall and among the other things, he says that tea party is part of the noble tradition of questioning the government in our country. it goes back to the days of the
7:04 am
revolutionary war but then he took aim at the tea party for not having a specific agenda. listen to a little sound bite yesterday at the museum. >> the challenge, i think, for the tea party movement is to identify specifically what would you do? it's not enough just to say, get control of spending. what you can do which is what i've been hearing a lot from the other side is saying we're going to control government spending. we're going to propose $4 trillion of additional tax cuts and that magically, somehow, things are going to work. >> yea. >> that's not really magic, first of all. it's not magic. it's called capitalism. the free market system when you unleash people and you allow them to create, they create a bigger tax base by hiring people. that's not magic. it's called the free market or capitalism. when it comes to spending, mr. president, it's not really that hard. first of all, what you don't do is rack up more spending.
7:05 am
that's the first thing. but we can come up with all kinds of cuts. i mean, i could start with a favorite of mine which is the defense department. if you want to look at -- let's look at the toughest place to cut would be for conservatives the defense department. you can cut so much money out of the defense department budget. right now, we have more admirals than we have ships. what do you say we cut some of those -- cut some of that dead weight out? >> you think the tea party will come up with the big list, then? that seems to be what they're asking for. >> i think the tea party is a movement that is leading the leaders right now in saying this is who we are. we want common sense. we want smaller government. etc. etc. now requires a leader to step forward and say here's the plan, will you back me? >> but it's the tea party -- see, i see what happened yesterday as being a trap. ok, tea party, you're whining and complaining about me. give me your list so in turn i can take a look at what you
7:06 am
want. >> he's not going to do -- >> give us the scissors and cut them apart. >> here's what we have. we have a government that has built a cage. we have marxist after marxist after marxist, after marxist, anti-capitalist everywhere. we have john holder have said that we have to deindustrialize or devolve or dedevelop the united states of america. how do you do that? you have the department of energy this week coming out and saying well, we're going to go through all of the regulations on all appliances to figure out which appliances will be available in the future for the united states consumer. i mean, we're going down really spooky paths that don't make any sense unless you understand the framework of global redistribution. not from the wealthy to the poor in america. but from the wealthy america to the poorest nations and a global governance structure.
7:07 am
>> you're mentioniallegeding a e plot. >> no, not alleging it, i'm saying it in their own words. >> while he did ask the tea party to come up with a list, he did for the first time to speak favorably about the movement. it seems to be the new democratic talking points. president clinton did it on sunday. >> there's no way to get past. they've tried -- have you ever seen a smear campaign on the american people done before? i never have. >> individuals. >> yeah. individuals i've seen smear campaigns. i've never seen it on a whole collection. and over 50% of the american people. i've never seen a smear campaign like this. they've done it for a year and a half and it clearly doesn't work. they've tried everything. now the next thing to do is try to embrace them. yet distance yourself from them. try to co-opt them. >> it's unbelievable that president clinton, colin powell and the president of the united states would be on the same stage saying the same thing about each other.
7:08 am
>> there's no way to read the tea party any other way. >> let's talk about christine o'donnell, from the minute she was elected, controversy surrounded around her. bill maher has her on tape saying in high school, she hung out with some witches. >> can't you just drink and throw up like everybody else? >> right. >> that's fantastic! i mean, it's so much easier to explain. >> i know. chris coons is the democratic opponent. chris coons said something after going to kenya, he said my friends now joke that something about kenya like the strange diet changed my personality. africa takes the catalytic converter that sends them back bearded marxists. nobody is talking about that. he said he's taken out of context when he calls himself a bearded marxist. >> taken out of context? really? show me the policies that you stand for that are clear capitalist policies, not the same kind of policies that we
7:09 am
have in washington. this guy, whether he's a marxist or he wants to call himself a marxist, whatever. i know that if i dabbled in witchcraft, i would go like christine and i would -- when i say hey, witchcraft ain't -- isn't a thing for me, i'd find jesus. chris, show me where you have found washington or adams or jefferson, show me where you've found any capitalist at all. >> he went on to say when he saw the reagan revolution and saw the poverty he claims it created, that made him go the other direction. >> ok, maybe he's not a marxist. maybe he's another one of these anti-colonialists. >> isn't it the idea of the extremists label? because that seems to be what the liberals or democrats are facing on tea party candidates. >> what does it mean anymore? >> what we're playing out here is some people might think a marxist is an extremist as well many we don't hear that in mainstream media. one thing i was equating her. she wasn't claiming she was a
7:10 am
witch. a guy she dated dabbled in witchcraft. i was equating that to the vampire era our kids are living in right now. 20 years if one of our kids runs for politics and said back in 2010, i loved those vampire shows. they'll be demonized in the same way. >> here's the thing. >> i'm just saying! >> bewitched was the witch. all right, here's where -- here's the one thing that i would like to ask. i would like to go with glinda's question, are you a good witch or bad witch? because i've never met a good marxist but i did see a good witch in "bewitched." >> i think it's interesting. >> elizabeth montgomery. >> it was pointed out by one of our producers that this particular video from the bill maher show never actually aired. they had to go into the vault to dig that out. so is abc -- remember, is abc helping the democrats in this? >> no! >> hbo. >> no! i won't hear of that! >> isn't it amazing how they can't find any videotape at all
7:11 am
of barack obama. they're doing the same thing, the media is doing the same thing they did with barack obama. just burying this guy's past. nobody is talking about the marxist. isn't that interesting? >> it is. all right. we'll be watching today at 5:00. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> his entire show here on the ipad. >> yeah. >> can you tell it's his ipad? >> steve. >> all right. here's what we have coming up on the show. >> we work together in times square. >> right. >> muslim leaders from across the country have descended on ground zero in support of a nearby mosque. why stir up more controversy on it, though? one of the rally's organizers will join us next. >> and then a businessman stopped from expanding his company on his own land to save the life of an endangered beetle. who is the government working to protect? we ask that straight ahead on this "fox & friends" for a tuesday. we went that way! [ male announcer ] use it to run across town...
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> welcome back. muslim groups from across the country have converged on manhattan for a summit to rally support for the proposed mosque near ground zero and to address what they see as an attack on islam but this attempt for peace doesn't come without controversy. one of the imams who spoke at the summit's news conference, imam brey is the same man seen in this 10-year-old video cheering in support of the terrorist group hamas. >> everybody support hamas here? >> yeah! >> that tape like maybe another tape was taken out of context. >> we're joined by one of the organizers of that summit, he's with the islamic leadership
7:16 am
council of metropolitan new york. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, how are you doing? >> all right. we see this video and one of the members of the summit that you put together over the weekend apparently cheering hamas. was that video taken out of context? >> probably, i don't know about the background of the video. i can't really answer for that. >> you had a summit where members of the muslim community from across the country came to new york to talk about the mosque proposed near ground zero. you know, doctor, i don't know of many people who don't think you don't have the -- everybody thinks you have the right to go back there but so many think that's too close, insensitive. do you understand the critics? >> of course, i'm still a little bit shaken because the president is a little bit -- she was telling her brother was one of the victims of this brutal attack. >> on 9/11. >> on 9/11. i was at cornell at the time and
7:17 am
there were not that many injured but still, every time i meet the families, you can't imagine what they go through. but there were muslim victims also. >> absolutely. >> there were muslim victims also. so it was not a slam attack, it was not american muslims who attacked and also, there is already a mosque that's much nearer to ground zero. >> that's right. >> so what your concern was about this constitutional right that we all have, i mean, america is a great country because we all have rights. and so the first amendment is not there and then, you know, then the whole country suffers. that's what our main concern was. >> right. you feel basically if they don't allow the mosque to go here, that will be a wave and carry out to maybe other cities across america and you worry about the anti-islamic sentiment if the mosque is not built. however, you did not come to this decision to support the mosque until recently, right? >> that's correct. >> originally you were opposed
7:18 am
to it? >> no, we did not know about the mosque. the people who were behind this mosque did not concern the community. nobody knew about this mosque and all of a sudden, it became a big thing. >> doesn't that raise red flags that they didn't come to you is that not protocol? > >> there's no central leadership in islam and we come from so many different diverse backgrounds. we were not aware of it. had we been aware of it, we would have given -- >> do you think people might have more anti-islamic sentiments if the mosque is built. >> probably. because immediately after 9/11, how many muslims were killed, handful. there was no backlash. you cannot imagine what we were feeling or on the other hand, we were very angry and very concerned about what's going to happen to our kids. that was the greatness of america, that there was no backlash. six months later in india, something was burned and in a backlash, more than 2,000 muslims were killed and later found at the train, there was an accident. that was greatness america showed to the world.
7:19 am
but now, they show that the feeling against islam and muslims is growing. this is because some vested interest, some political -- >> but a lot of it, doctor, is coming from the fact that the push is so strong to build it right there and so many families as you indicated earlier say it's insensitive. it's too close. move it a mile and move it two miles. >> you know, the feelings -- >> i understand the freedom and there is absolutely the right to build it there but there comes a sensitivity that many in your community are discounting. >> no, we are not. when we talk about our communities, diverse community, african-americans are saying that we want our rights after much struggle. we are americans and living here for generations and we are as much american as kareem abdul-jabbar are, why when they are not being asked. the worst incident of the attack on our country. >> should they build it there? >> it's their right. it's their right to build it there. >> we'll have to end it there. thank you, sir. >> thanks for coming in here.
7:20 am
>> coming up on the show, democrats are about to pass a bill that gives amnesty to certain illegal aliens. should it slip into the same bill that pays for our troops in afghanistan? we'll have a fair and balanced debate next. >> meanwhile, a town that's being sued because they opened their government meetings with the lord's prayer. one citizen is outraged and creating waves. do they have a case? we're going to report. you are going to decide. they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> hey, what does immigration have to do with the defense budget? if you're senate majority leader harry reid, everything. he plans to add the dream act to the annual defense budget bill. you know we got this war happening. the dream act gives over two million undocumented students a chance of becoming u.s. citizens but why does that belong in the defense bill? with us now to debate it and
7:24 am
maybe shed some light on it, california congressman, immigration reform caucus chair, brian bilbrey and from illinois, task force chairman guitterez. are you surprised harry reid put this in now? >> harry is a family friend but this is a political maneuver. it's the wrong message at the wrong time and to be talking about rewarding somebody who came here illegally just after 72 i wimmigrants were slaughter in mexico is the kind of insensitivity. you don't want to send a mixed message that you're going to reward those who come here illegally and ignore those who wait patiently for years. >> if you're here by 16, you'd be eligible for a fast track to citizenship if you join the military or college. is this appropriate? >> yeah, i think the defense appropriation bill is an appropriate venue. i mean, it is germane. we are talking about the
7:25 am
possibility of adding hundreds of thousands if not millions of new men and women to the armed forces of the united states as a means for them to obtain their permanent residency. they may subsequently according to the rules and regulations if they successfully complete that apply for american citizenship but it isn't an automatic. they can also go to college. let's think about who these young men and women are. many of them got here at a very, very young age. they were brought here by their parents. therefore, they are not responsible for the actions that brought them here to their country. they graduate from high school. they're good students. and if you would meet them once, you would see that -- >> not saying anybody who is here. congressman, it's not saying anybody here illegally is not a good person. but congressman bilbrey, is this the appropriate way to do it? >> no, this is a political ploy. this is a desperate act. harry has a tough race and he
7:26 am
knows the democrats are trying to tell people if you get out and vote for us, we will help you and your illegal alien friends and it's a mixed signal. all i got to say is the congressman ought to talk to the legal immigrants that don't get in state tuition and the illegals that are waiting patiently who have been playing by the rules. even those who come here legally is not being offered this option. if it's a great option, offer every student who is a foreign national the same option. this is not. this is a reward for those who have broken the law and up to their 20's. these aren't young people we're talking about. we're talking about adults. >> i didn't know that. >> yeah, look, meet them. get to know who they are. i have. they're the class valedictorians. they're the kids that are being offered opportunities. we've educated them. you see, they're americans in everything except the piece of paper.
7:27 am
they speak english as their primary language. they love this nation. they want to fully commit and be integrated in it and children should not be held responsible for the actions of their parents. >> right. feel bad -- this is not some radical bill. this is grassley, this is lugar, this is -- >> why hide it? then why hide it in a defense bill? >> it's not being hidden. it has to move according to the senate rules. >> right. people have to fund the war. >> there's got to be a vote on it. >> there will be congressman. but it's attached to things that it shouldn't be. it shouldn't be part of an election issue. it's too valuable. >> congressman bilbrey and congressman guiterrez we're out of time. >> thank you very much, brian. >> new details the suspect police say wanted to kill fans at chicago's wrigley field and
7:28 am
then businesses or bugs? the government stops one company from expanding to save the lives of an endangered beetle. then check out all the other great guests we have this way. get this, laura ingraham will be here. tony blair will be here. will arnett, mira and paul sorvino. wow. the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we've just received some breaking news out of detroit much the son of music legend aretha franklin is in the hospital there after being severely beaten. a spokeswoman for the singer says eddie franklin is now in surgery. police say three people attacked eddie at a gas station in detroit. they're looking for a young man and two -- rather, a young woman and two men. anyone with information is asked to call the detroit police department. >> space shuttle discovery now on the launch pad for its final mission. liftoff scheduled for november 1st. discovery headed to the international space station. nasa's long time shuttle program has two missions left. space shuttle endeavor will follow in february to wrap up 30 years worth of shuttle flights. >> i might take it. so let's not shelve it yet. lebanese man arrested for allegedly plotting a terror attack at chicago's wrigley field, it's unbelievable. according to the f.b.i., he placed what he thought was a bomb in a trash can across the street but the bomb was a fake
7:33 am
provided by undercover agents. >> good. >> investigators say he also talked about killing mayor richard daley and putting poison in lake michigan. sounds like a great guy. >> uh-huh. national guard is saying sorry for causing a devastating wildfire in utah. the fire started at a base after a machine gun training drill. the national guard admits it didn't see high wind warnings and this woman says she lost everything as a result. >> always think what would i grab? and of course, we all think our photographs but we didn't grab them. i didn't grab them. no baby pictures. no baby books. all my furniture was antiques from my great grandparents and my grandmother. it's just gone. >> horrible. the flames destroyed three homes. time for a little weather. >> yes, let's take a look. screen right there. you can see tropical storm lisa forming in the atlantic. the storm is not expected to
7:34 am
make landfall. it is moving to the north at about five miles per hour. lisa is the 12th named storm of the season. meanwhile, waves from hurricane igor are being blamed for a drowning death in north carolina. 21-year-old curt murray died while surfing yesterday off the beach town of surf city. this as officials in bermuda continue to assess the damage. you see right here, igor now weakening as it heads north into the atlantic. and canada as well. all right. time for some football, mr. kilmeade. >> monday night football. they keep playing it on monday nights. saints visit san francisco. let's see what's happened. there were some ceremonies going on. they retired hall of famer jerry rice's number. raiders retired on that and kind of blacked that out. this game went down to the wire. fourth quarter super bowl champs they were up. they get a two point conversion and it looks like time would be running out and we go into overtime when garrett hartley
7:35 am
would kick a field goal. don't leave any time for drew brees, he'll beat you. cubs outfielder tyler colvin remains in the hospital after having his chest punctured by a shattered bat much the rookie is being treated with a chest tube to prevent his lung from collapsing. finally in new york, the yankees honor their former owner before last night's game against the rays in new york. former manager joe torre along with yankee greats don mattingly, the yogi berra and the steinbrenner monument is placed behind the center field wall and the yankees went out and won lengthening their lead in the east to a game and a half. curtis granderson was really good. two homers. final score was 8-6. now expand my world, steve. >> all right, brian. i certainly will. it's your land. we're talking about crazy things happening across this country. it's his land but owner bob
7:36 am
slobee in california says he has not been allowed to develop it for years. he blames it on a government restriction imposed on his property to save a beetle that has been designated as threatened. he has been fighting for four years with the u.s. fish and wild service to reclaim his property. he joins us right now live from sacramento to tell us about it. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we are talking about the valley elderberry long horned beetle and essentially that bug is keeping you from building stuff, right? >> well, it really has for a long time because the beetle was designated as threatened in the 1970's so we have had no use of that land although we've had to take care of it, pay taxes on it, keep it clean, since that time. the challenge is that six -- four to six years ago, it was official wildlife service, federal government, put it on
7:37 am
the list to be removed from the threatened list but they haven't acted on it. >> and that's the part that is so infuriating, bob, is the fact that they did take it off -- they reviewed it, said take it off the list and the federal government, you know, things work really fast there, they still haven't gotten off their butts and done anything about it, right? >> well, it is -- it is an enormous frustration because the costs for us continue to, unfortunately, we're close to the -- fortunately and unfortunately, we're five minutes from the capital so it's a great -- it's a great building opportunity. but we also bear the burden of homeless camping and dumping which is our legally our responsibility so imagine a situation where you can't have use of that property but you have to keep it clean and the homeless campers are using the elderberry bush which the beetle needs to live on as firewood. >> yeah. that's crazy! but the crazy thing about is
7:38 am
there wouldn't be homeless people there if you were allowed to build your building which they say you can't because the beetle lives in the bushes on property. meanwhile, here's what the u.s. fish and wildlife service says, bob. as you know, in 2006, the service's five year review of the beetle resulted in a recommendation for its delisting. the service is in the process of making a final determination of the beetle's status. we anticipate making a proposed determination available for public review and comment within the next few months. that comes from the chief of communications in that department. well, you know, what's a couple of months after you've waited all these years? >> well, it's more money for us, of course, and we -- i mean, the economy isn't great for building. but it was when the beetle was originally threatened and, of course, our remedies have been litigation. we believe there's a taking case there but the cost of that
7:39 am
litigation exceeds the value of the land and so we've been lucky to have the legal foundation come in as a partner along with a lot of other plaintiffs and argue this on our behalf. >> and they've got a great argument because they did review it and they said take it off the list. do you have any idea, bob, how much money this bug has cost you? >> somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000, each cleanup costs us, you know, somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. we go in six months to a year and clean up homeless camping, dumping, that kind of thing and if you've seen some of these camps, they're pretty ugly. >> they are indeed. we'll keep an eye on it and keep us posted what happens with the valley elder berry long horn beetle. thank you, sir. good luck. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> all right.
7:40 am
meanwhile, straight ahead, a town is being sued because they opened their government meetings with a prayer. one citizen is outraged and creating waves but do they have a case? peter johnson jr. coming up next. then you know her as jenna from "30 rock." one of my favorite shows. jane krakowski will join us live in the studio sharing some stories from the second season of the hit comedy. there she is right there. hi, jane. you're coming up here on "fox & friends." fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber.
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>> a town in new jersey is being sued now after a jewish resident complained that the lord's prayer is being recited at town council meetings. she says she does not participate in the prayer. and the fact that it's happening
7:44 am
makes her uncomfortable. >> i am looked at -- given strange looks. it makes me feel like i don't belong, that community is intolerant of my beliefs. >> but is the prayer violating her legal rights? peter johnson jr. is here to evaluate. it was an interesting case. i was surprised to find out they read the lord's prayer still at the town council. >> it's an interesting situation. the law in this country based on the supreme court decisions in the past is that we allow so-called legislative prayer. prayer at the beginning of sessions of our legislatures, of our council meetings. what this woman is saying and no woman, no man, no person in this country should be offended or intimidated by any public proceeding and obviously, the government should never establish any religion of any kind under our constitution. she's saying i'm jewish. they're reading the lord's prayer and then someone is conducting the meeting is
7:45 am
actually blessing themselves with the sign of the cross. which is obviously a christian symbol which is obviously very often the roman catholic symbol. lot of protestants do not engage in the sign of the cross so she's saying, you are trying to impose a religion on me as a jewish member of the point pleasant, new jersey, community and i find that to be offensive and unconstitutional and the aclu has gone to court to say you need to stop that. >> right, let's listen to what the aclu or i'll read their statement. the constitution forbids a government entity from showing preference to a particular religion. the prayer recitedt extreme examples we've seen of a preference for christianity. does she have a case? >> i think you have to see how the meetings go. what are other witnesses saying as to what's going on there? the test based on our case law is there a secular purpose?
7:46 am
for the prayer? we allow in this country so-called ceremonial deism, we allow the invocation of god based upon our case law, based on kind of a carveout of the establishment clause. does it advance religion? are we advancing the christian religion or the roman catholic religion and finally, is this an excessive government entanglement with religion? this prayer and this -- and this invocation? it's all very factually based. clearly, no one should feel uncomfortable. no one should feel offended. clearly, she does. the issue is for many years, it appears she attended these meetings and then -- and then had enough of it. >> and made a case about it. i think what frustrates a lot of people, though, is one option would be to get rid of the prayer and the other option would be to incorporate all other kinds of religious prayers and spend the first 15 minutes doing prayers. >> you do the plastic reindeer thing where you have religious symbols and fill up with a lot of secular symbols and it begins
7:47 am
to get crazy. truth is the law in this country allows judeo christian based prayer based on historical constitutional sense. what our forefathers did and how they established it 200 years ago. that's the basis of our law now. >> e-mail us and let us know what you think about it. i want to point out that peter's silly band matches his tie today. >> johnson girls say i must still wear this. happy to. >> you know her as jenna, the blond diva from "30 rock." jane krakowski sits down with us next to talk about the new season. and then stay tuned for laura ingraham. she's joining us at the top of the hour. but first on this date way back in 1942, the b-29 super fortress makes its maiden flight and on this date in 1989, hurricane hugo makes landfall in south carolina. the number one song on this date in the year 2000, "music" by madonna. i still like it! [ female announcer ] it starts with you falling in love
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7:51 am
>> actress jane krakowski plays the vain but lovable jenna on the emmy award winning "30 rock" and she's about to set off a power shift when the show's new season starts this thursday. >> am i late for the producers meeting? >> eye contact. thanks. >> oh, man. >> looks like somebody means business. tony award winning business and "30 rock" co-star jane krakowski joins us on the curvy couch again. >> good morning. thanks for having me back again, guys. >> you are probably the longest running big celebrity who keeps
7:52 am
coming back to the show. you have been coming back for over 10 years. >> i just don't learn, do i? coming back for more. >> apparently your character won't learn that much. maybe she is. she's on a power trip of sorts this season. >> yeah, we have a wonderful story line where jenna has some interesting things kick into her contract. five years in. and she becomes producer of the show and sort of wields that power in only the way jenna can do. >> because she's already a complete egomaniac, pardon me. >> yes. no. >> when you got the super egomaniac in charge of everything, it will be hell to pay. >> exactly. but what you find out is she's actually quite good at producing which you wouldn't expect. she becomes quite strict with the budget and punishing people for overspending. >> maybe she should run for office. >> she's a tea party producer. >> oh, dear. >> oh, dear. >> you've been here before as we've chronicled and so many times you leave the couch and i'm thinking is that all she does is act?
7:53 am
i guess so. now we're find out you're singing now. what is going on? i guess so. but now you're singing. >> absolutely. i have a newly released c.d. which is called "the laziest gal in town" and i've got a new campaign coming out -- >> wait a minute, that's brian's motto. >> how dare you? i'm suing! >> i got a new campaign coming out for tropicana that started airing last night. >> that's why we've been chugging back all this juice. tell us about it. >> the spots are great. they're really witty and funny and they're based on a girl named jane and a few of her girlfrie girlfriends and it's the witty conversations we get into while enjoying the goodness of juice. >> where's the pulp? >> come on. >> they call it 50 because 50% less sugar and less calories. >> less calories. for the lady that wants to keep it tight. or the child. you don't want to be too much into sugar. right? in these spots, you're not jane krakowski, you're jenna. >> i'm more -- it's like a hybrid. what's great is tropicana was so
7:54 am
great about letting us make the spots for my sense of humor. we hired one of the "30 rock" writers to come write them. she's one of my very good friends and she's one of the girlfriends in the commercial. >> she gets the money and you get a percentage. this is a win-win for you. >> at least a few more good story lines for "30 rock." >> why is it that alec baldwin hasn't been here yet? >> have you asked him to come? >> we've begged him. >> you know, this is a good story for you. >> grew up with the baldwin brothers. >> not only that but one of brian's teachers was alec baldwin's fathers. >> really? >> true. >> alec baldwin says a personal pledge never to do our show. >> why don't you write a note? dear alec, remember me from high school? can you please come on "fox & friends." >> he's about 10 years older. >> i'll pass it on for you. >> like passing letters. >> he wouldn't hit a woman. you're lucky. >> if you pass it on, we'll watch your premiere coming up this week and drink the stuff and buy your c.d.
7:55 am
>> on october 9th, we're teaming up with bloomingdale's in dress for success. it's about girlfriends helping other girlfriends. bring in suits or clothes appropriate for the dress or success organization. it's all tied in a good way. >> you're very busy. >> she is. >> cheers to being busy! >> bottoms up. all right. >> all of a sudden, she has an english accent. she must know that tony blair is coming out. >> a good one you are. >> coming up on the show, president obama is under attack now by members of the middle class who say that they voted for him. >> i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir. i'm waiting. i don't -- >> she's waiting. that's very well ma and we have laura. laura ingraham here with reaction. >> and then former british prime minister tony blair joins us on the curvy couch. he'll be sitting where jane is sitting in about 10 minutes or so.
7:56 am
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>> hope you're having a great tuesday so far. that is. good morning, everyone. shoot a par today if you're going golfing. i hope you do. it's september 22nd, right? i think so. 21st i'm a day ahead of myself. why should president obama do to win back support? president clinton just offered his advice. >> vote against us all. >> give people permission to vote against you. >> absolutely. >> how going all in could be president obama's secret to success. >> meanwhile, in just a few hours, senator harry reid will propose amnesty to certain illegal aliens. should being young and
8:00 am
successful and educated make you eligible for citizenship? we'll talk about that. tony blair tells all in a brand new book like whether or not he regrets his decision to join the iraq war. there's more. we'll ask him about it when he joins us on this very couch. "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is jane krakowski from "30 rock" and you're watching "fox & friends" and they rock! >> thank you. >> "30 rock", they rock. very nice. rock on, baby! >> very talented woman and a great guest. >> she's been coming for years and years and years. >> that's a great line because she's probably still here and can hear that. au >> you think so? and she's the best guess we've ever had until will arnett in 20 minutes. >> and tony blair before him. >> let's start with a fox news alert. news coming out of afghanistan today. fox news confirming that nine americans were killed in a chopper crash in afghanistan this morning. there are reports that four other people were wounded
8:01 am
including an afghan service member and an american civilian. crash happened in the zabul province, a taliban strong hold. no word on a cause. but there were no reports of enemy fire in the area. another news alert for you this morning, the son of music legend aretha franklin is in the hospital after being severely beaten. a spokeswoman for the singer says eddie franklin is now in surgery. they are looking for a young woman now and two men. denver broncos wide receiver kenny mckinley found dead in colorado from an apparent suicide. mckinley was drafted last year out of south carolina in fifth round. police say it looks like he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he is the third bronco in the past four years to die tragically. he was only 23 years old. a controversial speech expected today from iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. remember earlier this week, he told reporters "the future belongs to iran."
8:02 am
both today and thursday, he's expected to continue that tough talk. ahmadinejad also claiming credit for the recent release of one of three u.s. hikers arrested in iran more than a year ago. ahmadinejad also claims that his government has little interest in obtaining a nuclear bomb. and those are your headlines and almost everything i just said about that story, you can't believe. >> yeah. absolutely. except for the fact that he did probably sign off on letting the one hiker go. because it was in his country. >> we'll talk about that in the next segment with our next guest. joining us is the author of the "new york times" bestseller, runaway hit "the obama diaries." you can find out more about that. >> i can't believe jimmy carter almost stole the title of my book for his book. i mean, honestly. once the obama diaries is written, do you want to read the carter diaries? i don't think so. >> excellent point. let's talk about what's going on in your town today. and that is and we have talked before about this dream act that would make, perhaps, 700,000
8:03 am
illegals in this country, give them a road to citizenship, you know, if they're in college or joining the military or something like that, harry reid is now, you know, he's going to hook this on to a defense bill which, you know, you really got to pass those things to keep the wars running and what not. what do you think about this? >> well, i think it's one of the more cynical and pathetic ploys that i've seen in some time in washington and that's saying something. to stick something like this into a defense reauthorization bill that will have an effect on american life, legalizing a million people in this kunlt for what he perceives this behavior of going to school or going to the military. this is just a classic example of the democrats doing an end run around the voters, something that would not pass in all likelihood if put to a vote to the people or to the -- or to the congress itself. so it's a -- it's another example of washington not listening to the people at the very least, i find it
8:04 am
disturbing. i think nationwide, you're hearing a revolt. i mean, i know i am on my radio show and i'm going to hear it in about an hour when i go on the air. >> let me ask you this, laura, so much has been made about the fact that some people say well, yes, if illegal immigrants are here and they want to join the military or going to college and they'll be productive members of society, then that's a good thing. >> yeah. well, it's a good thing if you're here legally and you're doing that. i mean, otherwise, look, if we're going to do that, let's just dispense with all the formalities. let's not distinguish at all between legal and illegal immigran immigrants. let's just say everybody is here that can stay here. that's where this is going. well, these people are good people. they're good people today in somalia, ethiopia, the middle east, iraq, afghanistan, who would love nothing more than to come here. but they're not coming here because they're actually following the law and they know if you sneak in, it's not the right thing to do. we have to come to terms with
8:05 am
the fact that we are still a country with the border and rule of law and there are a lot of people that want to do an end run around that because they need new voters because guess what? the voters in this country are revolting against the establishment in washington. they need to find new voters. >> think about this, if you join the military and you earn those benefits whether it's paying for the college or lifetime health benefits, you're now in the same place with people here illegally. is that right? that was part of the debate about 20 minutes ago. listen. >> yes. >> that wasn't it. it felt like -- >> it was a debate. >> i wore the same outfit during it. >> you guys, i think one thing that is true, look, if you're a green card holder and a permanent resident and you join the military, that's something that i think people take a look at and they go, there's no reason to not push those people through because they're already following the law, they're already a green card holder and permanent residents. that's all cool. and i think most americans overwhelming majority would say
8:06 am
good for them. that's great. not this way. this is absolutely a travesty and i hope everybody calls their congressman today. >> i'm going to see if i can go 0-2. a little bit earlier, bill clinton on another channel gave advice to his ex-rival, now president obama. let's hear what it is. >> i'd like to see him doing something i didn't do. i'd like to see him say, here's what the election is about. the only thing that matters is what we're going to do now. here's the three things that we ought to do now and here's why our side is more likely to do it. let me tell you something, we couldn't get out of this $3 trillion hole in 21 months. give us two more years fortunately don. don't go back to the policies of years ago. if we don't do better, vote against us all and i'll be on the ballot, too. vote against us all. >> give people permission to vote against you. >> absolutely. >> give him two more years, come on, they can't get us out of the ditch in two years, they need two more. >> i have some advice for you, number one, don't get impeached.
8:07 am
number two, don't swear -- no, look, bill clinton did give some advice earlier yesterday when he said look, you have to do -- do something of a co-op of the tea party movement. i mean, he didn't use those words. that's what he was saying. embrace some of what they're saying and try to respond to it. don't demonize the tea party movement. that was really smart that he said that. look, he grew up in arkansas. he knows the middle of the country. he gets it. he gets what middle america is all about. >> right. don't think it wasn't planned -- i know you wouldn't that obama yesterday for the very first time kind of credited the tea party. so that was very interesting timing that they both did that. >> exactly, gretchen. >> i'm not so sure that the president was expecting this yesterday at the town hall meeting from a woman who voted for him. >> i'm one of your middle class americans and quite frankly i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration.
8:08 am
defending the mantle of change that i voted for. >> and then after that woman, velma hart who is a mother of two and the c.f.o. of amvets, she asked this heartfelt question, is this my new reality? apparently, she has a daughter that's about to go to college. the family can't afford that. she said mr. president, is that my new reality? he never answered her question. >> of course not. i like the nervous laughter when she was speaking, the big beaming smile. look, the new normal under the obama administration is to -- for everyone to lower their expectations. we've talked about this before, you know, when you're in this economic mess that we've gotten us into, then you can't say that everything is going to be better tomorrow. you have to say look, we're working as hard as i can. bush put us in this hole and it's going to take a long time to get out of it. in other words, things are going to be rough for a long period of time. i don't think americans are satisfied with that. and i think that woman spoke to
8:09 am
the heart and the minds of millions of americans across this country. and i think more eloquently than any pundit on television, any radio host, that woman spoke to the true heart of the american people today. that was a -- that was a moment. that's one of the, i think, redefining moments of this year. >> very interesting. one that the president and his advisors are probably talking about today. >> hand picked all of us. >> it was but that was a surprise. >> laura, everybody will be listening to your radio show. thanks very much for being our guest today. >> thanks, guys. >> iran's president said stories like the woman sentenceed to death by stoning completely made up. an iranian journalist joins us next with a much different take. >> plus former british prime minister tony blair no longer in britain. he is live on the curvy couch in a couple of minutes. stick around. we'll be right back. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week.
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>> well, iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad is making headlines here in new york at the u.n. general assembly today. he's also raising eyebrows over some comments he made about the case involving an iranian mother sentenced to death for allegedly having an affair. >> first, what i want to say is she was never sentenced to stoning. this was news that was produced and incorrect and regrettably, u.s. media affected -- was affected by u.s. politicians to make a piece of news out of this. >> really? we listen to that translator, she said that he said that the story about her being stoned to death is made up. well, let's go to source. joining us from l.a. is lisa
8:14 am
detari, an expert on iran. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> ok. ahmadinejad says that the u.s. media made that up. >> yeah, well, it's that time of year again. ahmadinejad travels to new york to speak at the u.n. you know, the primetime networks fight over who is going to have that bad interview and he goes and makes his two or three outlandish remarks and makes the headlines and there you go. another round of successful shock factor politics for you. >> but the thing about this particular execution order is that it exists. we have documentation. it's stoning ordered, the execution ordered. there it is right there in clear in black and white. so although this guy has denied the holocaust in the past, it's not surprising that he would deny that there's an execution order on the woman as well. >> right, absolutely. i mean, everything he says -- he just makes these things, he's denying this poor lady's case and like you said, there's well
8:15 am
documented evidence to the contrary. her son has been on top of this case. there have been attorneys that have been wonderful advocates for her, human rights advocates as well across the globe. the question is not did it happen or not happen? she's lucky when her case got publicized. look at the thousands of people who don't have that chance. >> right. you mentioned her son, her 22-year-old son has written a letter to the head of abc asking for him to broker some sort of a live debate between himself and ahmadinejad. is that gonna happen? >> i doubt that will happen. i don't think he'll actually admit to the son's existence if he's not admitting to the existence of the case. it's another slap in the face to the son and the family. this woman has gone so much, this is yet another, you know, another slap in the face for them and their family. >> it's another crazy thing out of his mouth. all right, lisa. thank you very much for joining us and keeping us posted on the case. >> thank you. >> all right.
8:16 am
lisa from l.a. meanwhile, speaking of l.a., lindsay lohan just tested positive for cocaine. why did the judge not throw her in slammer? results right ahead. the prime minister is about to come into the studio and sit on the curvy couch in two minutes. tony blair, come on down! you're next. live from new york city. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mi powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. get 1.9% apr financing for 60 months on a 2011 traverse or choose $1,500 cash back.
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8:19 am
>> he stood side by side with president bush on the war on iraq and says he has no regrets despite all the controversy. now british prime minister tony blair reflects on that decision and the future of the middle east in his new memoir called" a journey." >> he joins us live to talk about that and a whole lot more
8:20 am
including this entire life in this book. welcome, mr. prime minister to the couch. >> thank you very much. >> you open up your book, this kept me reading. i hoped you to be on the couch. america's burden is it wants to be loved but it can't be. what do you mean by that? >> what i mean is that americans are people that naturally are friendly and outgoing and it's always better to be loved than not. but they also know they're in a position of unique leadership in the world and that means showing strength. it means taking difficult decisions. it means standing up for yourself and for others, actually. >> perhaps one of the most difficult decisions of your life was to align your government with ours in iraq. you know, and back then, it was all about look, he's got all this stuff. he's got the weapons of mass destruction. we got to be together against him. and you have no regrets about that union? between us and you. >> no, i took a very clear decision after september 11th really in the years that followed that we should be -- as
8:21 am
i said, shoulder to shoulder with america. i think what we face in this extremism is the single biggest threat to security in the world and i think that our countries have got to stick together and fight it and wherever it is and the reason it's been tough in iraq is the same extremism we see in afghanistan that you see in yemen, in somalia, in pakistan, and parts of palestine, lebanon. you know, if we don't understand the nature of this threat, how deep it is and the fact that it's got to be confronted, then i think we, you know, we're going to concede a lot and a lot of ground that is going to harm future generations. >> you talk in the first page about america being a superpower. so how do you now look at america's place in society since president obama has become president? since you are no longer prime minister. a lot of people would say that the president has gone on a world mission to apologize on behalf of america and maybe some people believe that he doesn't want us to be the super power anymore? >> i think america is and actually i think, you know, what
8:22 am
he's done, for example, with iran in saying, look, ok. you say we're disrespecting you. we're not paying attention to you. here's the hand of friendship but i think he's also saying rightly, if you don't take that hand of friendship, we know where we are. so if you're used to saying -- what's really going on is this. parts of western opinion, this is all to do with president bush. when president bush leaves the scene, everything is going to be easy. i think everyone now knows that's want quite the case. -- not quite the case so we're now in a very stark situation where there are -- there is a country, iran, which is actually sponsoring terrorism right around the region in the middle east trying to acquire nuclear weapons capability and our choice is very clear. we've got to say you can't do that. and we offered you the hand of friendship, if you're not going to take the hand of friendship, we know where we are and what measures you have to take. >> do you think it's right to say if you are in power that there is a plan in place to take
8:23 am
out those weapons ourselves militarily? >> well, i'm sure there is all sorts of thinking going on on this and i think the best thing to say at the moment is we will try the diplomatic route but all options remain on the table. >> we don't have much time, though. >> we don't have much time, actually. >> how much do you think? >> i think it's really hard to judge but, you know, i think if you -- if you're looking sort of two hours out from now, there's a lot going to go on and of course, it depends on what iran does but, you know, i spend so much time now in the middle east and i see what's happening all over that region and essentially there are good people there that want to modernize those countrys and take them forward and then you have iran sitting there basically exporting chaos and destabilization. >> going back to iraq for a moment. after it was determined there were no weapons of mass destruction even though the best intel said there was, you stayed aligned with bush and in fact, in the british media they would refer to you as bush's poodle. >> you get a lot of insults
8:24 am
when you're in politic. my wife always says, if you don't like the job, don't stay there. if you're staying there, get out and fight for yourself. >> i can think of a lot worse than poodle. >> they've called me a lot worse. >> they did. we cleaned it up. >> let me ask your sentiment abouts the mosque at ground zero. in england, you have to deal, or did deal, still do with radical islam there and the elements as well. how does england perceive the mosque situation at ground zero? >> i mean, it's been in our news and that's a decision new yorkers and you guys will have to take. and i think what people are trying to -- to wrestle with really is first of all, a basic principle which is that there should be no discrimination against people irrespective of their religion. and secondly, how do you deal with the sensitivities around this situation? so i mean, i hope you can find a way through that dilemma. but one thing that is interesting is in europe right
8:25 am
now, not in relation to the specific situation at ground zero but in relation to all these issues to do with, how do we handle these difficult questions? to do with islamic attitudes and so on, this is sweeping all over europe, too, it's not just something that is here. >> right. i know in france, they're saying take off the burka. we need to know what do you look like? overall, there's a sense that sometimes when you hear the islamic community talk that we are somehow to blame. the west is somehow to blame for the anger that's welling up against us. what's your take? >> my take is this -- that there are two strains within islam. one is saying we're victims of western oppression, these people are trying to disrespect us and destroy us and the other is a strain that says no actually,
8:26 am
our problems are our problems. let's sort it out. let's embrace the 21st century and come together. what we've got to do is to create an alliance between the sensible people of whatever face and whatever part of the world that actually want to embrace modernity, who want to be global citizens and recognize there should be equality between people of different faiths and, you know, what we're working on now in the middle east peace process is a very important part of establishing that. >> couple of years ago, some guys decided that great britain was a place they had to get out of. we have to get out of england. they came back here. all right, fast forward to today. we've got this tea party movement in this country. what do you think about that? >> i mean, what's interesting, again, is, i mean, look, i look at the tea party and it's up to you to decide who you vote for but in europe, there are similar types of movements. >> right. >> my view -- because i'm a centrist, right. you know, i'm from the democratic side of politics but
8:27 am
i'm very much operate from the center. and i think that if the center is strong, and provides the change that people really need to see which is adapting to very difficult and insecure times and everyone's got the same problems. they all got the same problems with their health care system, their welfare system, economy and security threats. personally, i favor a kind of strong radical center. but that's just me. >> i really like your book. i want to know the inside story. and i want to know -- i knew you liked bill clinton and you knew you liked george bush and i thought that you'd appreciate barack obama and you do. but you said one statement that i thought was true. you said that i thought was worth bringing out. the stupidest misconception about george bush is that he's stupid. what do you mean by that? >> what i mean by that is there's bits particularly on my side of the water an opinion that don't want to listen to an argument and instead they just dismiss it as the product of someone who just can't think properly. and what i've tried to get across to people in the book is
8:28 am
that there are times when what appears simplicity is actually clarity and there are times when clarity equals strength and is necessary. so i think the thing that -- with this whole extremist threat is this. that i'm absolutely in favor of reaching out, of ex tending the hand of friendship. i think the middle east peace process is enormously important in all this but i also think that the sensible, modernizing element in that region today need us to be strong. you know, they need us to be standing up and they need us to be clear and when it comes to something like iran, they need us to be crystal clear. >> no doubt. >> you're a very good speaker. no kidding. >> i know. >> heard about that. >> i think you're the first prime minister from the ume.k. that we've had. linda blair on the show but not tony blair. >> great to see you.
8:29 am
>> thank you. >> straight ahead on our show today, could larry summers and timothy turbo tax geitner be on the outs? live to washington for that straight ahead. >> this video absolutely shocking. check this out, hundreds of fans sent flying when the bleacher suddenly collapses. >> you know him from "saturday night live." now, will arnett is "running wilde" here on "fox & friends" and giving away $5,000. no, mr. mayblair you're not eligible. robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system.
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to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> according to the national bureau of economic research, the recession ended in june of last year! it ended! so if you were broke and out of a job, this is all in your head. what's the matter with you people? >> not only that, it ended june of last year. >> i almost fell out of the car when i heard that on the radio. the recession is over? i don't know how they calculate that. >> we don't know if a tornado hit new york. >> i meant to phone you when i saw that. officially it was -- >> two of them. nothing is standing. i'd go with a yes. >> yes, they officially defined recession as two quarters back to back of negative growth. so apparently we went up for at least one or two. meanwhile, straight ahead, is president obama hinting about a switch in leadership on the
8:34 am
white house money team? joining us right now from washington is kelly wright. all right, kelly, you're there at the white house. the president kind of gave a little bit of a hint yesterday. >> yeah, slightly. you know, first of all, we should make it very clear that it's -- it's not unusual for changes to be made within a president's administration. particularly after midterm elections or during that time. that being said, though, the president has a host of possibilities in terms of how he must go forward in dealing with today's economy. and that's something he acknowledges during monday's cnbc town hall at the museum, president obama listened and responded to the deep concerns expressed by a cross section of americans from wall street to main street, some supporter, even some critics and some wondered if the american dream was still achievable in today's troubled economy. the president was even asked if he was considering shaking up his economic team. treasury secretary tim geitner and top economic advisor larry summers have been at the helm of dealing with the economy since
8:35 am
president obama took office. >> i have not made any determinations about personnel. i think larry summers and tim geitner have done an outstanding job. as have my whole economic team. this is tough, the work that they do. they've been at it for two years and, you know, they're going to have a whole range of decisions about family that will factor into this as well. >> well, when you look at that, decision could go well beyond family members. the president knows he has to do something about the troubled economy and he acknowledged that on monday and also stating that the white house has been doing -- seeing a lot of spending going on. he's troubled about that but he wants to see americans get back to reality. get back to jobs and as we've seen, while the recession officially may be over, the president and others know that the perception and the reality is it's still tough going out there. so he'll be trying to do something about that and guys, kudos to you for the interview with tony blair.
8:36 am
i like that guy. >> you got to love the british accent, right? >> i think that's what does it. he has a good sense of what's going on in the world today. >> thank you very much, sir. cheerio, we'll see you next time. >> we have headlines. the man accused of murdering the daughter of a police chief will be arraigned in a new york courtroom today. michael neil harvey who is a convicted sex offender was arrested in niagara falls. police say he met 23-year-old valerie hamilton in a bar in charlotte, north carolina. then murdered her and dumped her body in a self-storage unit. valerie's father, the police chief in concord, north carolina. >> meanwhile, the tea party is getting big bucks to throw around. the tea party patriots, coalition of about 2800 local groups is announcing this morning it just scored a hefty seven figure contribution from an undisclosed donor. tea party thanked the candidates like christine o'donnell of delaware for firing up the tea party supporters. >> no you won't see her face on
8:37 am
wanted posters. a judge put a warrant for lindsay lohan's arrest on hold. she's free until a court hearing this friday. the warrant was issued after she tested positive for cocaine. she just spent two weeks in jail. >> horrifying sight in brazil. hundreds of people are watching a car race and suddenly the bleach there's standing on and sitting on collapses beneath them with 100 people. it's like the wave. 100 people were taken to hospital. 22 are in critical condition. not known what caused the bleachers to give out. you have to figure it has to do with too many people and weight. that's bad. >> i think brian went outside. >> he did. >> to check in with our next guest and get a little humor, right? >> absolutely. he was reading the news. we're in a two shot, aren't we? this is will arnett. >> classic two. >> could you sit there quietly while i read your intro. you're very excited. brand new show coming up along with the laughs on the twisted tv comedy "arrested development." >> i don't remember stealing the show. i remember being there.
8:38 am
>> you were very good. actor and comedian will arnett is running wilde. >> i want you. >> i want you. >> no, that's not what i meant. >> someone is coming in. >> you smell pretty good. what the hell! >> oh, wait. ok. let's start over. >> i can't do this! >> all right. we'll jump forward. >> i'm living with a wonderful man! >> what is happening there? we're joined by the way that was keri russell. you are "running wilde" and starting tonight, isn't it? >> are you excited? >> very excited. very nervous. like i'm giving birth to a new tv baby. >> like in real life, you're a billionaire. >> thank you. thank you for noticing. >> you're really rich and trying to get your childhood sweetheart. >> yes, i'm trying to woo back my childhood sweetheart played by the beautiful keri russell and talented and she used to -- she grew up in my house, my character's house. the daughter of one of my dad's housekeepers. >> right. >> there's a little. playing field is not exactly even but the only person that tells it to me straight.
8:39 am
>> right. that's where the comedy starts, will and the chemistry is so great. they actually have promos of you two ad-libbing of each other as if you're regis and kelly. >> yeah. we could have a talk show, don't you think, the two of us? we could have a morning show and no, the chemistry is great and for some reason, you know, keri is very drawn to me. >> you can't blame a lot of these women here are drawn to me. >> are you kidding? >> it's mostly men. thanks for playing along. here's the deal, are you worried because you watch this billionaire character become somewhat self-centered, are you worried that you're going to become so wildly successful that you'll become arrogant and stand offish? >> thank you for noticing. was it brian? i think that i'm not nervous at all. >> were we talking about my success? it was a great subject. no, you know what? i honestly just hope that people like the show and watch it. it's kind of a fun comedy and i don't know if we're going to be successful or not. boy, i hope we are. >> here's the thing. you are from canada. if this goes well, will you
8:40 am
defect to our nation? >> i have already defected. i am a united states citizen. been here a long time. >> that's great news, your dad actually ran a moulson brewery. >> i was part of canadian royalty for a while. >> a lot of people say what's with the backdrop? why do you have the big cylinder behind you? >> you get that a lot? that's odd. it makes sense today, brian, but in other cases, we'll have to look into that. no today, we have a contest where my character, steve wilde from the program tuesdays on fox, we have contestants coming in and hopping in this and they're trying to grab this money. i don't know if we can get. >> can we get the blower to start? we should put some money in that, first? >> can i ask the gentleman to start the blower? >> you can -- >> this is a newschannel, brian. come on, man. >> listen, there's eight contestants that will win and person that gets the most money, gets what? >> gets 5 grand that i'm going to hand out and they have to run down sixth avenue and get chased
8:41 am
and they get tackled. if somebody -- i don't think that's part of it. >> can i do it? >> are you going to do it? >> i would like to try. >> thank you very much. >> brian, you're very brave. >> you do the news. >> we're here on sixth avenue in famous new york. brian, you're knocking me off the thing here. my first news bit. gosh. look at this. safety first here with the goggles. good luck, brian, we'll start the blower. >> ready? >> in five, four, three. it's not -- it's a slow start. there it is. look at him grab the money. oh, my god! he is shameless. all into it. immediately into his pants. he knew that's where the most room was. look at him. look at brian go. my god. he's showing a lot -- he's a real gamer. >> right. >> the show is great. >> we're having a good time and there you go. brian, let's give a big round of applause for brian, everybody! >> and will, i can't -- >> we can't hear you without the
8:42 am
microphone. >> i was just wondering if i'm looking to keep the money, will you toss inside to gretchen and steve? and implore people to watch your show. >> "running wilde" premieres tonight at 9:30 on fox. fun show, enjoy it. steve and gretchen, back to you. >> thank you very much, will. >> very cute. brian, bring some of that dough in here. >> you might want to pat him down. they refer to him as mr. pockets, will. >> all right. ok. many americans who voted for president obama fear that they're not seeing the change they had hoped for. watch this. >> i really want to know is the american dream dead for me? >> that disappointed supporter of the president joins us live next. >> meanwhile, a father and daughter tackling diabetes together in a project that spans the globe. mira and paul sorvino have just entered studio e. they'll join us on the curvy couch. interesting grooming.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> we got a fox news business alert for you. commerce department just released some surprising new numbers on home construction across the country. it's up by 10 1/2%. that's great. in august, construction workers applied for more permits and began work on roughly half a million new homes, apartments and condominiums. that is finally, gretchen, some good news. >> that it is. here's back a dose of reality. this is a struggling american. and an obama supporter. ted brassfield had a chance to voice his concerns right in front of the president yesterday. >> there aren't jobs out there right now. i took advantage of the loans that you were just speaking about but i can't make the interest payments on those loans today. and i really want to know, is the american dream dead for me? >> and ted brassfield joins me right now live from washington. good morning to you.
8:47 am
>> good morning. >> you asked that very poignant question, is the american dream dead for me? did you get an answer? >> no. i don't think i did. there were two parts to the question. one was is the american dream dead for me because of my personal situation and the other was -- what would you recommend? what are the concrete steps you'd take to restore the hope that a lot of young americans and in particular felt during the campaign and during the election? and unfortunately, i thought it was an easy layup for the president and i didn't feel like he took advantage of it. >> in fact, you told me that most of the people that asked questions yesterday, they went through producers and told producers the question that they had in mind and they helped you sort of hone the question. so they knew that -- i don't know if the president knew that question was coming but the producers knew the question was coming. let me ask you this -- you represent the youth. many of whom voted for president obama. you yourself voted for president obama. so what were you hoping for that
8:48 am
you don't believe you've seen in 18 months? >> well, we have seen a lot of change and a lot of good change. we've seen student loans -- we've seen people able to suddenly actually afford student loans. we've seen housing work. we've seen the removal of combat troops from iraq. i think that there are a lot of good things that the obama administration has done. my concern and what a lot of my peers are saying is that we don't have the same sense of hope. we don't have as much obama as we would like. it seems like he's kind of -- he's not -- he's pulling his punches. >> so let me just break it down. so for you, what you would want to see is a job. >> i would love to see a job. >> right. >> if rahm emanuel retires, i am there. >> well, put your resume in for that. let me ask you this, do you feel the man you voted for spent too
8:49 am
much time on other issues before he spent time on the economy? >> you know, there are so many issues and it's -- there are a lot of complicated choices that have to be made. and that's one of the things that i really enjoyed about meeting with him yesterday in that -- in the town hall forum, we were able to see an intelligent man take us through the problems that he's been working on and yes, the economy is important. but so are everything else. and i -- and i believe that his team has been working on them. >> so you graduated from princeton. you went to the university of indiana law school. you have no job. you're 30 years old. will you vote for president obama again in 2012? >> if he's running again, absolutely. >> all right. well, you had a chance to be up front and center with the president of the united states and get to ask him a question and now you're our guest on "fox & friends" so ted brassfield, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> coming up next, famous father and daughter, mira and paul sorvino are teaming up. here to explain what about. first, let's check in with martha for what's on at the top of the hour. >> thank you very much.
8:50 am
ted is a great example. it is all about the people of this country. whether they're a tea partiers or not, they're speaking out. many of them not happy. so what will this mean just a month or so down the road in the election booth? we'll take that on today with steve forbes, with ed gillespie, with steve hayes, all that coming up when bill and i join you. one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more. and the 60-day handshake lives on, that five-finger bond that communicates trust, honor, follow-through, and follow-up.
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>> all right. more than 230 million people worldwide are living with diabetes and that number is expected to rise to 350 million within 20 years. so what can we do? our next guest says it starts with education and awareness. >> and to educate us and make us more aware right now and talk about their new program diabetes co-stars are father-daughter team combo, mira and paul sorvino. good morning to both of you. >> good morning.
8:54 am
>> paul, start with you. 2006, you discovered you had type two diabetes. >> yes. >> how? >> i went to the doctor for some other thing and he -- they took a blood test and they said your blood sugar is 420 or 430 and i said what does it mean? he said you have diabetes. >> you hadn't felt good anyway. >> no, i felt queasy and thirsty and all kinds of weird symptoms. not feeling good for about a year. >> then you went into denial. >> well, i treated it -- i took medicines and i took oral medications and stuff like that. but i really wasn't watching it. i mean, i really wasn't careful enough. i didn't do enough the right way. >> and mira, how did you play into that? >> right after i had my son holden who is now 15 months so it was about 15 months ago, my dad had us over to his apartment and cooked me a beautiful pasta fazol, a dish with a delicious bean sauce on top. it's fantastic, believe me. and he had a very nice, generous portion himself. and he ate the whole bowl and then all of a sudden, his skin
8:55 am
turned a sort of ashen purple and he kind of slumped like that and i was like dad, are you all right? and he just kind of didn't answer for a little while and i thought i was going to have to call 911 and he said i have to go lie down and he disappeared into his room for about 20 minutes and then i'm like dad, are you all right? i didn't know what to do. he said ok, i think it's the diabetes. i just took some medication and i'm starting to feel better but that made me realize that i had to educate myself because i had no idea what i was looking at or what to do and how to help him. so that's why we're partnering with diabetes co-stars because it's so important for family members of someone with diabetes to help them on their path to staying in control. >> when you have a dad that's a great actor, you might be thinking he might be preparing for a role. >> when of a daughter that's a great actress, she doesn't think that. >> he's such a strong guy and i think that's why he was a little bit in denial. he didn't want to accept there was anything that could bring him down at all. >> you eastern liberals have mothers.
8:56 am
>> but i think it's so great now that you're showing the importance of the family support. >> when i go to her house or she's at my house, it doesn't even come up. there's no dad, have -- it just doesn't happen. she makes huge salads. >> gigantic salads. >> which you kind of like and don't like. >> for a second helping, not too bad. >> there are things that people should do. we'll talk that coming up. can you stick around on the couch? more "fox & friends" with the sorvinos in two minutes. enough ? enough ? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine.
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8:59 am
>> we are going to continue the conversation in the after the show show with mira and paul sorvino to talk about the diabetes co-stars. their program, if you'd like more information, log on to fox and >> you have an independent film coming out too. >> it's based on karen kingsbury novel of the same name and maybe the best movie i've made in 10 years. >>

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